Quilled cards

Here are three of my first cards. I’ve started a separate page so I can add future creations as I go.


Training an early riser…

…to be less of an early riser, is not easy when you are talking about a three year old. The first thing I tried was sewing block-out fabric to his curtains and making a cover for the skylight in his room. That gained us about an hour but I still had a little monkey climbing into my bed well before 7am every morning. I quilled him a clock and told him to play in his room until the hands pointed to the rooster. The system worked really well…until the clock stopped working (because it was a $5 piece of crap!). Oh well, lesson learned – here is the clock. It uses very basic techniques, as it was one of my very first quilling projects.


Easter Eggs

This year, I was keen to find a way to celebrate Easter chocolate free! I saw Katalin’s video on her lovely YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIDRIsZx1NI and took inspiration. Here are the chickens I made for friends and family. A variety of blown eggs were used (small goose eggs, pea hen eggs and duck eggs) and I gave them a small go with some hairspray once they were completed. They were such a hit, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do as many as I would have liked so will have to try again next year!

Easter chickens-2.1

Easter chickens-11.1

Easter chickens-12.1

Easter chickens-4.1

Easter chickens-3.1

Easter chickens-5.1

Easter chickens-6.1

Easter chickens-8.1

Easter chickens-9.1

Easter chickens-10.1

Nathan made a special request egg - he wanted a rainbow rooster!

Nathan made a special request – he wanted a rainbow rooster!