Closer to a “Boot Sale”

When Mum suggested to me that I could have a “boot sale” with my creations, I didn’t even know what a boot sale was! One of the challenges I have been having (and a pretty major obstacle to selling at craft markets or out of my car boot!), was not knowing how to box up and present my cards beautifully. Well – thanks to a yummy, beautiful BOX of macaroons that landed on our table that is a challenge no more. I cut and folded a great box, tied it with bright ribbon and voila! – a safe and professional-looking box for my cards. Did I remember to take a picture before giving it away? Of course not – but will remember to do so for the next one.

Here’s the card I made for my beautiful friend who plays the violin, loves purple and is now Mummy to a gorgeous little bub:

Isn’t this folding design fun?! Wait ’til you see the next one i’m working on…!



E is for Evie!

When I was a young girl, my Mum was a bit disturbed when I returned home from a birthday party sporting a black balloon. Apparently I was soooooo delighted because I got to CHOOSE it! Although I don’t remember the balloon (and I’m sure it was very SHINEY and worthy of my admiration) I do, however, remember the occasion. My lovely Nanna picked me up and I remember bounding over to her and declaring that “I was the only NORMAL person there” to some wide eyes, a bemused look and a gentle “shhhhhhhhhh”. I had been the only caucasian child at the party and had felt very special being included. If that one afternoon was anything to go by, I must have been a very misunderstood child ha ha!!! Anyway, I digress.

The black balloon story came to mind because I was thinking about what I enjoyed looking at as a very young girl. I used to enjoy anything a bit ‘busy’ with lots of colour, detail and bling. I tried to bear this in mind when I created this “E” for baby Evie. I hoped to make something that she might like to look at when she’s little (and not necessarily what I think is pretty now that I’m all grown up!).

Hope you like it too