Closer to a “Boot Sale”

When Mum suggested to me that I could have a “boot sale” with my creations, I didn’t even know what a boot sale was! One of the challenges I have been having (and a pretty major obstacle to selling at craft markets or out of my car boot!), was not knowing how to box up and present my cards beautifully. Well – thanks to a yummy, beautiful BOX of macaroons that landed on our table that is a challenge no more. I cut and folded a great box, tied it with bright ribbon and voila! – a safe and professional-looking box for my cards. Did I remember to take a picture before giving it away? Of course not – but will remember to do so for the next one.

Here’s the card I made for my beautiful friend who plays the violin, loves purple and is now Mummy to a gorgeous little bub:

Isn’t this folding design fun?! Wait ’til you see the next one i’m working on…!



E is for Evie!

When I was a young girl, my Mum was a bit disturbed when I returned home from a birthday party sporting a black balloon. Apparently I was soooooo delighted because I got to CHOOSE it! Although I don’t remember the balloon (and I’m sure it was very SHINEY and worthy of my admiration) I do, however, remember the occasion. My lovely Nanna picked me up and I remember bounding over to her and declaring that “I was the only NORMAL person there” to some wide eyes, a bemused look and a gentle “shhhhhhhhhh”. I had been the only caucasian child at the party and had felt very special being included. If that one afternoon was anything to go by, I must have been a very misunderstood child ha ha!!! Anyway, I digress.

The black balloon story came to mind because I was thinking about what I enjoyed looking at as a very young girl. I used to enjoy anything a bit ‘busy’ with lots of colour, detail and bling. I tried to bear this in mind when I created this “E” for baby Evie. I hoped to make something that she might like to look at when she’s little (and not necessarily what I think is pretty now that I’m all grown up!).

Hope you like it too


Mother’s Day

This photo frame practically leaped off the shelf at me in the gift store begging to be quilled! I thought it would make a perfect gift for my Mum for Mother’s Day – with the idea that she could put a picture from my beautiful sister’s wedding in it. Of course, Mum didn’t get it for Mother’s Day, the whole project (as usual) took me longer than I had anticipated! The little ragamuffin in the frame at the moment is my eldest boy, just to get an idea of how it looks with a photo inside.

The design is my own, I took inspiration from two beautiful pictures of Lilly of the Valley which I found on 123RF and a photo by Marek Mierzejewski. I have pinned both to my Quiller Queen board on pinterest, which you can find here:

I also took inspiration from Suzana Ilic’s work ( and Josie Jenkins ( for her cute little butterflies. Thanks girls!



Quilled cards

Here are three of my first cards. I’ve started a separate page so I can add future creations as I go.