About me


Thank you so much for visiting ‘Dressed to Quill’! My name is Amanda and towards the end of 2012, during a late night google search, I discovered the wonderful art form of QUILLING!!! (Who knows what I was actually searching for but it obviously wasn’t important.) I was instantly hooked. I never would have imagined that something so fiddly could grab my attention and patience and yet here I am!

In it’s most fundamental form, Quilling is the art of rolling thin strips of paper and then pinching them to create delicate little shapes. You then stick them together with glue to create pictures from your little shapes. I quickly discovered however, there is so much more to it and so many techniques to explore (3D, husking, beehive, graphic, contour, typography, etc etc)…the possibilities of this fun, accessible pursuit are endless.

I decided to create my own blog as a record of my quilling journey, as a way to benefit from any input or advice that fellow quillers (or anyone!) may have to offer me and lastly (hopefully) to inspire others as I have been inspired myself (an ever lengthening list of quilling blogs I follow are sited on my home page). I also have a dream of one day setting up my own Etsy store or having a “boot” sale or a stall at a market to sell my work. Quilling aside, I am a mum who recently realised that I don’t have “babies” anymore (thank goodness for a little nephew on his way)! Instead, I have two beautiful, energetic little boys who definitely keep me on my toes (and away from my dream of having an organised home! Btw, that’s my other ever lengthening list of blogs I follow, ones about organisation, homemaking and raising a family!). I’m a creative person, a pianist and salsera and have been fortunate enough to be able to earn my living following these pursuits. It’s been exciting for me to discover new facets of my creativity through quilling. I hope you enjoy.

All content displayed in “Dressed to Quill” is created by myself (Amanda Lee) and whenever I have been inspired by the work of others, it will be noted and referenced. These images are shared for your personal inspiration and enjoyment. Please do not use any content from this site (eg re-posting, pinning or copying to any other social media platform) without crediting rollingintheaisles.wordpress.com

Thank you xx


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