Quilled cards

Here are three of my first cards. I’ve started a separate page so I can add future creations as I go.


Personalised Baby Gifts

I have many friends who have had babies recently and I love making gifts. The only problem I find, is that the time from conceptualisation to completion of a project can be a really, reeeeeally long time! (Especially if you spend a month playing in the orchestra for Les Mis which has taken up my evenings and weekends!)

This one, for example, came to me in the middle of the night, feeding my own bub several months ago. My friend, a flautist, had a beautiful baby girl named Ella. We have known each other through music for many years, so I obviously wanted a musical theme. The notes on the stave are E-F#-G#-A which are the last notes of the A major scale so they sound nice and also kind of fit with E-L-L-A (you can see what I’ve done with the flowers). In lieu of sharp signs, I’ve used butterflies and dragonflies. I experimented with monogram quilling for the treble clef and learned to do the various flowers along the way so it was a great way to increase my “quilling repertoire”. Hope you enjoy. I look forward to posting some of my other baby gifts soon (as soon as I can bust them out)!


Training an early riser…

…to be less of an early riser, is not easy when you are talking about a three year old. The first thing I tried was sewing block-out fabric to his curtains and making a cover for the skylight in his room. That gained us about an hour but I still had a little monkey climbing into my bed well before 7am every morning. I quilled him a clock and told him to play in his room until the hands pointed to the rooster. The system worked really well…until the clock stopped working (because it was a $5 piece of crap!). Oh well, lesson learned – here is the clock. It uses very basic techniques, as it was one of my very first quilling projects.


Easter Eggs

This year, I was keen to find a way to celebrate Easter chocolate free! I saw Katalin’s video on her lovely YouTube channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dIDRIsZx1NI and took inspiration. Here are the chickens I made for friends and family. A variety of blown eggs were used (small goose eggs, pea hen eggs and duck eggs) and I gave them a small go with some hairspray once they were completed. They were such a hit, but unfortunately, I didn’t have enough time to do as many as I would have liked so will have to try again next year!

Easter chickens-2.1

Easter chickens-11.1

Easter chickens-12.1

Easter chickens-4.1

Easter chickens-3.1

Easter chickens-5.1

Easter chickens-6.1

Easter chickens-8.1

Easter chickens-9.1

Easter chickens-10.1

Nathan made a special request egg - he wanted a rainbow rooster!

Nathan made a special request – he wanted a rainbow rooster!